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        Product name: ergosterol

        Molecular formula: C28H44O

        Product Property:

        Ergosterol: it is a vital component of microorganism cytomembrane, and plays an important part in keeping cytomembrane integrity, activating membrane enzyme association, ensuring the fluidity of membrane, and remaining cell viability and cellular material transport. As an important medicine material, it can be used to produce cortisone and progesterone, and transformed into vitamin D2 by changing its molecular structure. Vitamin D2 plays a vital role in adjusting life activity. It can prevent and cure infant rickets, promote phosphorus absorption of the pregnant and the aged, and has health care function for miners and the people who engage in night work for a long time. In addition, it is a kind of rare material to produce deoxyribonucleic acid products, food freshener, and agricultural growth factor. Ergosterol has a special effect to cure AIDS, according to the clinical test of some experts.


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